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Cyber Resilience Summit VIC 2024

DATE: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

location: Marvel stadium, victory room, melbourne, vic

Event Overview

The Cyber Resilience summit will bring together senior cyber leaders to share actionable & strategic insights addressing the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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In the current cybersecurity landscape, organisations face a broad range of ever-evolving challenges.

Cyber leaders & teams are facing pressures to master regulation requirements, harness emerging technology, safeguard against threats, strengthen cyber hygiene, and adopt zero-trust architecture. Key themes explored during the summit often encompass proactive cybersecurity measures, threat intelligence sharing, incident response strategies, regulatory compliance, and the integration of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning into cybersecurity frameworks.

The Cyber Resilience summit provides the perfect opportunity to align business priorities and board expectations with security realities.

Event Speakers

Chief Information Security Officer


Chief Information Security Officer


Chief Information Security Officer

Insignia Financial

Chief Information Security Officer 

David Jones

Executive Manager – Security

REA Group

Head of Cyber Security & Technology Risk

Lendi Group

Head of Information Security & Technology


former Detective Inspector, Forensic Services Group

NSW Police Force

Key Topics On The Day

Aligning business priorities and board expectations with security realities

Adopting an antifragile approach to cyber strategy

Identifying security objectives, principles, patterns, and controls to support business goals

Balancing organissational agility & innovation with cyber security priorities

Who Should Attend

Join our Forefront Cyber Community on LinkedIn. A community for senior cyber security leaders to connect online. Here you can get updates on future events in this space.
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Energy & Utilities
Financial Services
Public Sector

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