Webinars & Virtual Roundtables

Generate qualified leads through content-centric sessions with decision-makers and influencers


  • We collaborate with you to create tailored content that engages your target audience by focusing on their key challenges.
  • We deliver a bespoke acquisition campaign that facilitates collaboration with senior decision-makers.
  • Sessions focus on the end user and are built from client case studies and panel discussions.
  • Be promoted as a thought leader. Be seen as a business that can add real value in tackling client challenges.
  • The interactive platform includes a call to action that leads delegates directly to your website.
  • Opportunity to follow up with participants and registered delegates after completion of the webinar.

Virtual Roundtables

  • You will lead an interactive discussion with a hand-picked group of senior decision-makers who are looking for solutions.
  • These sessions will enable you to intimately understand challenges facing organisations and how you can be part of the solution.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop and foster relationships with senior decision-makers enabling collaboration to solve future issues.
  • The Forefront team will work with you to create tailored sessions and identify organisations and senior decision-makers to join the discussion.

If you are interested in discussing a webinar or virtual roundtable event for your organisation, please reach out to Shay King at

[email protected]